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Vet Joins A Scared Pit Bull In His Kennel And Eats Out Of Metal Dish Just To Comfort Him

A call came to an animal hospital that was about to close about a poor neglected dog was desperately in need for help. Dr. Andy Mathis took the grey pit bull to the hospital who was in terrible condition.

So, when the doctor examined the dog, he found that she was suffering from a vaginal prolapse and she was hypothermic. That put Dr. Andy in two options: trying to help her or putting her to sleep, so he decided to help her despite knowing that her chances were low.

So, he decided to eat with her in a metal bowl to make her feel comfortable. He also decided to sit in the kennel, which helped him to notice that her weight and appetite started growing by the day. She would still have to heal more physically and mentally, but healing like this in one day was a miracle which helped her to be ready for adoption. Thanks to Dr. Andy who did a great job with Graycie, the dog, who is now ready to be adopted. Watch the video below to have more information.

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