K9 Dogs live in Miserable Life, Police Officer Builds Warm Home For Them

This is the aim of many people who work to provide their family and save bits of money on time. These savings add so that a person can retire and do all kinds of fun things.


You can choose many retirement houses from a Jimmy Buffett spa being built in Daytona Beach for you Parrotheads to enjoy. 
One guy has built a retirement home for service dogs, he gained about $150,000 (1,000,000 yuan) from it.
Bai Yan, the man, has trained more than 30 police dogs during his 13-year career in China, which gave him a special relationship with dogs.
Actually, euthanizing or putting down is not the only solve for the senior dogs. And that made Bai to think in building a special resort specifically for senior dogs.

He built a special home in the eastern area of the Zhejiang, Hangzhou, with a cemetery where Bai’s 26 companions now rest in.
He has now 16 dogs in at the resort. And worked with them daily to keep them in the best condition. Many people offered their help, but he has refused as he thought that these dogs are his own family. 
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