Homeless Dog’s Body Is Covered In Strange Bumps, Then Rescuers Recognize What Is Wrong

It is normal to try your best to help, whenever you find an animal that needs your assist, the chances may be weak but there is no matter. This is a pretty example. In Puerto Rico, Rio Grande, a woman saw a dog lying on the street but even so, she got out of her car to take a closer look for the pit bull to examine it. The dog directly sat up to look at her as this took it by surprise.


Luckily, his name is Ramsey, and he is still alive. But there were thousand wounds on his body that the woman was aghast to sight, thus, the woman contacted the Amigos De Los Animales PR animal shelter and was counseled to take the dog to the shelter instantly after sending a video his bad situation to them! Adrienne Lastra, the shelter’s manager, was shocked after receiving the video. To get rid of the ticks; Adrienne and Robinson, her spouse, prepared medicated shampoo. Even though it appeared Ramsey seemed unfit to save, these people are champions!

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