His Owner Slips Into A Coma, Then Teddy Rushes To His Bedside And Performs a Miracle

“Miracle dog”, that what this adorable small puppy being hailed as. Teddy, the dog, is hailed by miracle dog because he woke up his parent from a medically coma.

This is not the first time that the 4-year-old schnauzer-poodle mix brought his owner, Andy Szasz, back from the edge of sickness. Teddy was adopted by Szasz from the RSPCA before being diagnosed with bowel cancer.
Andy was taken to the Intensive Care unit at the Southampton, England hospital, after he suffered from labored breathing. Then the doctors were expecting Szasz to wake up after one week. 
Then, Estelle, Andy’s wife, brought the dog to say hello to his owner. Shockingly, Szasz woke up after hearing one bark from Teddy, it was 3 days earlier than expected. Watch the video to have more information.
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