Her Skin Turns Very Hard Like Stone, She Couldn't Move And Surrenders Herself To Death

Save A Greek Stray saved a dog, that was neglected and starved for years, in the streets of Oropos, Greece.


The rescuers tool the dog, who was named Petra, to the vet to be examined. They found that Petra was also suffering from several health issues such as ehrichia and leishmaniasis. It was obvious that Petra was about to die and she had never trusted humans from years ago.
Valia Orfanidou, a dog rehabilitator, knew about Petra from social media, so, she decided to help her and to give her the love she needs. Thankfully, Valia was able to give Petra the love and the care she deserved which led her to be completely treated. Finally, Laura, a kind woman, adopted Petra and she loves calling her The Girl Who Beat Death, because she was about to die but she survived. Watch the video above to have more information.
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