He Was Kicked In A Brutal Way, But He Does Not Forget Happiness!

This story shows how animals are pure and they just want to love and be loved, however humans are heartless and abusers.

A poor little puppy called Robin was kicked by his former aggressive owner like a football. And, guess what? Robin continued play with him. Unfortunately, his inner organs were shoved by the abuse, up to his heart and lungs, as well as it damaged his diaphragm.
That abuse would kill him, because it caused a great amount of pressure, and to have an emergency surgery, his only chance to survive. Despite the risk of the surgery, it was done, and lucky it succeeded.
Robin was remarkably recovered and now he lives with his new family, who loves him. Also, with his m doggy siblings. This dog does not lose hope, although everything that he had experienced through. Watch the video above to have more information.
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