Huge Blisters On Child’s Feet, It Is Shocking to Find Out The Truth

This is a true sorrowful story.

Maryland, parents were completely shocked when they saw blisters on the soles of their toddler’s feet. It was not known the reason of that blisters, but it looked like burns, so they directly called 911.


The person who could have caused the burns for the 6-month-old baby was with him before his parents saw the blisters. Ismelda Ramos-Mendoza, 36, was charged with child abuse, according to Washington Post.

Charles Earle, Maryland detective, said that the nanny burned the toddler’s feet by placing them on a frying pan or grill, as he would not stop crying.

The police said that Mendoza worked as a nanny for about 2 years. And they were also investigating that she may have done many bad things with more children.

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