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Frenchie Dog Is Unhappy After Find Out The Park Is Closed Today

This story speaks about a Frenchie dog called Walter Geoffrey, who loves going to the park. The video above shows his reaction when he was taken to the park, but it was closed! He was so angry!

He tried to say many things about this situation, but no one understands what he wanted to say. The video says it all. Watch the video above to have more information.

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Dog Stays For Months With Relatives While her Owner Was Away, Couldn't Control Her Happiness When He Is Back

It is said that dogs are loyal and playful, and they are considered as man’s best friend. But, sometimes a pooch surprises us with similar emotions like what we have.

 A family filmed the moment when a man reunited with his dog called Freya, after many months of being apart. The German shepherd had been staying with relatives while her owner went away for work, they both had not seen each other for many months. Time apart did not mean anything, you can hear (and see) Freya’s reaction.

 When the dog hears her owner’s voice, she directly goes out into Dad’s waiting arms. The most wonderful side of her greeting is the growling sound she makes. She is really crying, because she is really happy to her owner.

It is obvious that Freya completely loves him, as she licks and wriggles his face. How adorable she is! Watch the video to see their tearful reunion.

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