Family Warns Others, After Coyotes Takes Away Their Dog From Their Yard

In Scarborough, Maine, a family lost their beloved dog after two coyotes infiltrated into their yard at night. The police are searching for the Pug in the nearby woods, but no avail. An official alert was issued to all people because many sightings of coyote has been recorded the last few months.


People should keep their pets and kids under safety, also parents should not go out in the dark. Moreover, cops warned about feeding the pets outdoors, and people should keep cans, grills, and garbage away from homes.
To scare coyotes away, you have to do crazy yelling, blowing a whistle, and waving a flashlight. We are sad about the missing Pug, and we hope that the other pets would be safe from the high threat for coyotes. Watch the video above to have more information.
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