Family Pitbull Dog Loves Cats, Now He Get Litter Of Kittens

This story speaks about a sweet Pit Bull called Ozzy, who has had premonition with cats, he likes Norm, his cat brother, and his family’s known that.

But Norm did not like him, according to Ozzy’s mom, Jennifer Lajeniss. Thankfully, Ozzy has some other wonderful things that make him happy, and the family’s five-year-old son is one of these things.
Luckily for Ozzy, he finally gets what he always wants, a pile of kittens. Unfortunately, they were in a really bad situation, but the Lajeniss family took them and gave them the love and the care they needed, the Lajeniss also adopted 2 of them, and the other 2 will be ready for adoption. Watch the video above to have more information.
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