Family Dog Has Been Swept Away By Sea, His Owner Requests For Warning Signs

A 4-year-old Dachshund, called Hank was swept away by heavy sea current when he was in a trip with his mom Joanne Goss in San Diego. Unfortunately, Hank was swept away by a huge current that came out of nowhere when he was playing with a ball. Joanne tried to save him by navigating the waters, but it was too late.


A local surfing coach called Mark Waters, witnessed the whole incident and decided to dive into the water to rescue the dog. He also disappeared from hours which led the people to worry also, but he then came back with Hank, who was drowning and exhausted. Thankfully, Hank is now doing great and his mother also asks the authorities for more warning signboards to prevent anything like this in the future. Watch the video above to have more information.
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