Her Eyes Begging For Life Without Struggle, When She Was Found Dying Of Thirst

This story speaks about a stray dog called Mila, who always struggles on daily basis. She was found on the edge of being dehydrated as she was looking for water as she was also malnourished and emaciated so the water was what she really wanted.

Viktor Larkhill found her just in time and he noticed that she was very ill and incredibly sad. He and his team took her into their care and treated her for her bad situations and gave her what she needed. She had made a great recovery in just 3 months.

Mila gave her caregivers the love right back as she was so thankful for them. She thanked everyone of them every day. She couldn’t stop wagging her tail as she was so happy like never before. One day, an adoption application came for Mila, so she was flown with Viktor to Galicia where the family live.

Mila was so excited in her new family’s home as they have a massive backyard. She also made an instant connection with the family’s another dog. Their new dad was praying for that, and that what happened. Thankfully, she is now living in a wonderful life with a brother and a dad who really loves her.

How adorable! Watch the video below.

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