Woman Lets Parakeet Bird Play With An Egg From Grocery Store, Then The Egg Hatches Cute Chick

Youtuber user Luna Angel was at the grocery store, when she saw some eggs, the first thing came to her mind was her parakeet, her curiosity of what would happen if she brought a grocery egg to her bird made her buy some eggs and she went back home.

Having seen the eggs, the bird was excited as Luna approached him, she decided to put an egg next to him, Luna was shocked when the parakeet nested the egg, and became so protective of it and would never let Luna take it back, we all know that many of the eggs from the grocery store are unfertilized.

But it actually happened, the parakeet fertilized the egg, and a newborn quail came out of the broken egg, Luna was stunned and didn’t know what to do, she started to learn everything about taking care of a quail.

Luna is now amazed by how easy it is to raise up a quail, we are happy that the newborn quail is in good health and is in good hands, now would you consider to try that out like Luna?, for me, certainly I would!.