Driver's Dashboard Camera Catches The Moment He Saves A Scared Lost Black Dog

No one can predict what a driver’s dashboard camera might record in any moment.
This video shows us that anybody can be a hero, if he is the right place at the right time. Rumble user Welshdrive knew this by his camera rolling while traveling through the countryside.

The driver stopped when he spotted a black dog who looked scared and lost in a busy street. Welshdrive said that it is not familiar to approach an unfamiliar large dog, but the situation that looked like he got hit by a vehicle made me so curious to help him.
Fortunately, the video shows that the lost dog was so friendly, and showed his good behaviors to the man, the he ran back to his home about 750 yards from the street.

Welshdrive captioned the video by treating animals is just like treating humans. Watch the video above to have more information.
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