Family sent Their Sick Dog To Shelter To Be Euthanized, Got Adopted By Another Family After Being Healed

This story speaks about Oso who was a young and healthy puppy, until a family adopted him from the San Jose Animal Shelter. Oso completely changed to a puppy who has a bad breath and teeth.

His owners didn't treat him kindly; he was obsoleted to reach that horrible point. Unfortunately, the family put him down, and requested that Oso have "bad teeth” and "bad breath”.
21 of Oso’s teeth were removed because they were so hurting for him, and he left with one single tooth. However, Oso felt great without pain the next day, and the staff was able to touch his face. He was now living new life.
In an amazing turn for Oso, his previous owners wanted him back. But that wasn't allowed because he wouldn't be safe in the future. After that, Oso was adopted again by kind people. Watch the video above to have more information.
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