28 Years In Prison For A Dog Torturer!

We always say ''Don't judge any book by its cover'', but if you look to this person's photo, you will know that you are gazing at a person who committed mysterious crimes.


The criminal, Jason Brown, will be jailed for 28 years, each four years for each dog, so he tortured seven dogs.Jason Brown was arrested in July 2014 after a Super 8 Motel's maid called the police when she found a head of a dog in bathtub.

He was also accused five other crimes of torturing animals, and the last one for having a controlled substance. One close family friend said that killing dogs made him feel high.

Brown refused to watch the videos of skinning and torturing the dogs. he also was a one of the worst drug addict's conditions ever. He was judged for 28 years, he can be out after 11 years, but with some conditions.

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