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Dog Shot In The Street And Left To Die, Then A Corporal Hears Cries

Who shoots an innocent puppy? Well, we want to believe that no one in the world would do it, but unfortunately, there is at least one person who shot ... Because we hear you say ...

The poor puppy did not stop crying in the street, moaning and really frozen on such a cold evening, but who could do that?
The members ask questions and look for the responsible person who could have done such a terrible thing.
The shooter is now fleeing, this person, who caused so much suffering to a puppy, was described as "Sadness" and we agree!
It was a hero who came home after work. He stopped with a sincere heart to help and save the day.

Chief Corporal Helmer was on his way home after completing his work at the Sheriff's Office in Hillsborough County, in the right place and at the right time, that was the destiny you could say!
He heard the puppy screaming for help, he saw it on the street and felt his heart sink, the poor, innocent puppy in trouble, anxious and all alone.
He really needed his help, the sadness in his eyes even called him more than his audible screams, a bullet in his skin, poor girl. Watch the video above to have more information.

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