Dog Saves Unconscious Boy After Waking His Mom Up With Odd Grumble!


Pit bulls these days have been given a bad reputation because of negative news attacks and stories. However, every owner of a Pit Bull will tell you that they are the most loyal companions all the time.

When a family called Daniels decided to adopt a pit bull, they did not really think about it. It was their 2nd one of the family.
The family named their new member Ember, who was about to change their family. After the adoption, the new pit bull became about ten-year-old Tre Daniels.
Mother Tracy did not think much about it until she woke up one day with the sound of a low grumble next to her. The strange sound directly awoke her.
Ember never left her side and still making noise, which alarms Tracy that there was something wrong! So, she followed Ember to the bathroom to find her son hanging over the side of the bathtub, so, the mother directly called 911 to come. Thanks for the loyal companion Ember. Watch the video above to have more information.
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