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Dog Rushes To Screaming Child, Ends Up Saving His Life From A Deadly Snake

It is known between people that Pit Bulls are precarious and violent, but actually it is not right, and this story proves that.

Several pit bulls’ owners will say that they’re faithful, loving and close allies. This pit bull also proves that they defend their owners. Hurley’s stories were uploaded on Facebook by his owner’s brother. He got more than 50,000 like and about 12,500 shares. Watch the video above to have more information.
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Poor Dog Surrenders To Her Injuries After Cruel Teens Set Fireworks Off In Her Face

Shattering cruelty by teens to kill a dog
There are always extremes in this world at some point people love animals so much that they are ready to take any risk to save their babies and at one point people tend to treat animals as garbage. This story refers to the later approach where a dog couldn’t survive after being attacked by a group of teenage children.

In this story, this dog was being attacked by the children after they blow fireworks on the face of this dog. It was terrible, something entirely painful and shocking, the dog didn’t die out of the fireworks but after it ran to save itself it met an accident. However, very soon the dog was taken to a vet but it was injured and in the state of severe shock which made it irresponsive.
The internal pain and the fear this dog had made it pass away and this was an outcome of those fireworks that were being blown over it. Such pathetic acts of cruelty by children are always the most dreadful ones because they end up taking lives of these poor creatures that are helpless.

Source :CEN

Source :CEN

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