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Dog Looks As A Goofball After Digging A Hole, Falls Asleep As He Is So Tired!

Kirstin LaRoche, a dog owner, had the surprise of her life when she saw Wilbur, her dog, is just a huge goofball! And she thought that her dog was dead, but thankfully it was not.

The dog was completely tired after digging a hole. After that, the dog fell sleep inside the hole! The pup awoke after his mama called him! He was a little bit scared, but he then knew the situation. How hilarious! Watch the video above to have more information.

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He Wanted $175 In 2 Dogs For Dogfighting!

This is a nice example of saving innocent dogs. The story started when someone posted a disturbing post on Facebook which caught a local animal advocates’ attention; so, they asked Theresa Sumpter, rescue founder, for help.

The man who shared the post said in it that he was selling two little pooches; with a photo in which he was weakly holding them by the scruff of their necks, but that was not the worst part yet.

One person in the comments of the post said that he had interest in the pooches, for dog fighting.
Fortunately, the good news became directly, is when the vast majority of the people who commented on the post asked to attack this reckless seller. While the better news is when Sumpter and another colleague decided to buy the puppies to take them from the wrong hands.
Sumpter said that when she spotted the video, she directly wants to but the nice 2 pooches, so we directly called the seller.

So, Stumper and her mate bought the nice pooches for just $150. Letting the seller knows that they were from a rescue team. ‘’ we are not going to give him a lecture, and we are really not going to see why he posted a picture un that bad’’ said Sumpter.
But she added, ‘’If you want to be famous, by posting something like this. You will be, but surely in a bad way, not a good way. All people will know who you’re and see that you are nothing.
Finally, the adorable dogs have been named Gretel and Hazel; and now live in a good care of the group of Detroit Pit Crew Dog Rescue. And they are now lovers, not fighters.

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