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Dog Jumps In Water To Rescue A Drowning Cat.

There is an information said that dogs and cats are enemies, but actually, it is not right. The video above proves that.

The video above shows a dog risks his life to save a random cat! We can see in the video that the dog jumped in the water to save a drowning cat, and let her climb on his back! How adorable! Watch the video above to have more information.

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Whoever Chains Their Dogs Up During Hurricane Harvey Goes To Prison

If you do not want to keep your pets in safe place during a crisis, just leave them to do what they can to escape from the bad weather. Do not tie or chain your dog, as if you do, you’ll be punished and arrested.

Hurricane Harvey comes with its serious dangers to humans and even pets. Stephen Carlisle, the Chief of the Roman Forest Police Department, saw a dog chained and died during the flooding that occurred last year and he hopes that it will never happen again.

Carlisle promised to do the necessary steps against who does anything like that in future.

The United States National Weather Service expects the next hurricane will bring disastrous flooding in parts of Texas and the rain may reach more than 40 inches in some areas in south-east shore, so people have to take the best care to keep their pets in safe conditions.

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