Dog Barely Alive Rescued, When Woman Who Was Mad About Breakup, Starves EX-Boyfriend's To Death

A woman from Laurens, South Carolina, took revenge from the dog of her ex-boyfriend after breaking up with him! She has her own dogs and continued feeding them all, but she starved his dog!

The 16-month-old Mastiff mix was barely alive, covered in maggots! The dog was just 50 pounds, when he was saved! He should weight 110 lbs. Elizabeth Lena James refused to feed the dog, Champ, but she also saw he own dogs. The dog was tied up for more than 6 months without food for about a month!
On 16th of Aug, James was arrested for animal brutality, and Champ was rescued by Rescue Dogs Rock NYC, a New York-based group, who took it into their care. 
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