Distressed Cat Prevented Her Owner From Sleeping As There Was A Massive Danger!

It is said that animals have a weird physic power. But, it so special in cats, as they have the ability to tell you that there is something wrong.

Janine DeMartini knows that better that anyone. The woman had fostered a quiet friendly cat called Herbie. The cat was always quiet, but on night, she turned to an annoying cat, she started meowing in a loud way, and then moved into her owner’s bedroom. Janine immediately realized that there was something wrong. So, she jumped out of her bed and followed the cat.
The cat went to Janine’s daughter’s room, where the girl was in a horrible situation: she was struggling to breathe as the blanket completely covered her. Thankfully, Janine was able to help her daughter before it is too late. Thanks for Herbie, who was loyal and smart enough to help Janine and her daughter. Watch the video above to have more information.
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