Cat Protects Toddler From His Sitter As Soon As He Thinks He Is In Danger

It is natural to hear that dogs protect their family from other animals or intruders. But, this time the protector was a cat! People in general think that cats are aloof, but after watching the video, that was recorded by a surveillance camera, they will think again.
shows a toddler playing with a babysitter.


The video shows a toddler playing with a ball with a babysitter, and while they are playing, the toddler knows a glass onto the floor. Any babysitter should know that is playing with a ball like this in the home is not allowed! So the toddler starts crying, and the cat rushes to save the toddler. The cat was too crazy and attacked the sitter again and again! And the sitter treated the toddler gently, and the attack just ended.

What do you do if you were the babysitter? 

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