Brutal Owner Glued His Puppy's Mouth And Eyes Shut, The Dog Saved And Got Adoption!

There are many stories that happen every day, which change your vision to the world. This story is one of these, and will leave you in shock after knowing it! It is about a brave puppy called Glory.

The puppy was spotted on the side of the road by an onlooker, who called the rescuers. When they saw the dog, they thought that it was perfectly fine. But, when they had a closer look everything changed. The rescuers recognized that Glory had been savagely beaten. Her mouth and eyes were glued shut with super glue!
Beauties and Beasts, a rescue group, responded in an immediate way to the call, and they were on scene in minutes. They could not believe what they saw, Glory was barely alive. They firstly thought that Glory had been hit by a car, but it was worse. Glory would soon receive the immediate care that she needed. Thankfully, she was also adopted! Watch the video above to have more information.
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