BREAKING: PSPCA And City Police Raids Dog Fight In Progress – 1 Dead, 8 Rescued.

Authorities raided a dog fight progress to rescue 8 dogs and to find 1 dog dead.


Pennsylvania police and city SPCA went for a dog fight in progress 600 block of West Diamond Street, North Philadelphia on Sunday night.

‘’We found one dog severely injured, one dead, one less injured and 6 others generally good’’ said PSPCA’s Humane Law Enforcement Officers. They named the most critical injured dog George; in the honor of the organization’s late Director of Humane Law Enforcement, George Bengal.

The 8 rescued dogs will be cared by PSPCA and finally re-homed.

If you have any information about who did that, you have to call city police at 215-686-TIPS, or the PSPCA’s cruelty hotline, 866-601-7722.

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