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Blind Pit Bull Has Abandoned On A Park Bench Since She Is Useless

This story speaks about Poly, a blind pit bull who was left in streets to fend for herself, luckily, she was fostered and tries to love life again.

The dog was found in Santa Maria, California, on a park bench in September. A page on Facebook was made by her foster family for Poly’s newest news. Unfortunately, she finally died. Watch the video above to have more information.

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Poor Dog Attempted Suicide Out of Torture

Insane Attitude towards Animals
This story is something that gives goose bumps to anyone who might be taking a look at the video. In this situation this German shepherd was subjected to insane torture by its owners, the dog was chained up in dirty balcony and was given nothing to eat or drink. Out of pain and terror, this dog attempted suicide.

The dog being chained tried to jump off the balcony and the chain was lifting it up, it would have been terrible death of the dog if the people in surrounding wouldn’t have showed up since the neck could choke. The dog was in such a terrible hanging position from about five hours; it was an immense mental torture through which the dog was going through.
However, on the other hand a man from the neighborhood somehow managed to enter the apartment and save the dog. Upon rescuing the dog it was concluded that this dog was very thin and was dying from hunger and thirst. Now the dog has been living in a foster home in a healthy and happy environment where it has been provided with all the basic needs.

Source :SNARR

Source :SNARR

Source :SNARR

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