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After Spending 7 Years At Shelter, He Has Been Finally Adopted

It is known that people like to adopt young puppies instead of the older ones, as people think that it is going to be more work. The same happened with Pirate Marie, who spent more than a half of her life at the Oahu SPCA shelter in Hawaii.

Amanda Villeme of the Oahu SPCA said that they tried to make the poor dog as comfortable as they possible, but it was obvious that that she needed a forever home with a loving family.

One day, a woman and her husband, who are both in the military, went to the shelter and heard about the dog’s heartbreaking story. So, the woman, Jennifer Hoyt, asked for Pirate Marie, which left the staff of the shelter shocked! Thankfully, the heartbreaking tale of 7 years finally came to an end, and Jennifer adopted Pirate Marie. Watch the video above to have more information.

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