After An Officer Got A Call About A Barking Dog, He Found An Animal With Its Life In The Balance

Firstly, there did not to be anything exceptional about the phone call that the animal control center received: obviously, it was just another case about a dog that was constantly barking. 

This phone call arrived in Georgia on a wet day in July, where a loud creature was adding to the hardship of wet weather. The dog had been making a terrible noise for many hours, with no sign of letting up. And it seemed a person at Stone Mountain had had enough effort because they later called Gwinnett County Animal Control. As a result, Hunter Barnett, an officer, went to the complainant's property on Hodges Way. And the officer could know for sure why he was called when he was there. Moreover, the troubled citizen would explain that it seemed that the barking coming from some nearby forests. So, defying the rainy weather, Barnett went to investigate by himself. After searching the wooded area, however, the officer could not find the annoying dog. Oddly enough, Barnett still heard the barking, he couldn’t see a sign of the animal anywhere. Watch the video above to see what happened next.

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