Abandoned Pooch Cannot Stop Smiling After Getting Much-Needed Haricut

Sometimes you feel like you want to change your haircut, and usually when you do that, your whole attitude is changed. Animals are no different.
A poodle-Maltese mix called Holland, that was covered in dirt and mats in a shelter in Chicago, knew the benefits of a nice haircut and she can’t stop jumping because of it!

 The shelter’s staff tried to cut her matted her for over than 2 hours, but they could not. And it was obvious that Holland was so afraid of people which forced the staff to stop process.


They had to take extreme measures to treat Holland. And they could groom her with the help of a vet.


 They made a complete success surgery, with no major medical issues uncovered, to Holland, and her look is now unrecognizable!

She had a different time walking at first, because of her new shape. And she was started on pain medication and antibiotics to keep her heal and comfortable from the inside out.

 The staff also focused on her emotional stability to make her feel more comfortable with humans.

Thankfully, she was adopted to a new forever home on 8th of November, she is so happy. She directly bonded with her new owners.

Every dog deserves to be treated in a proper way, just like Holland.

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