A Man Who Burned A Puppy Alive Was Found Guilty, And May Be Sentenced More Than 4 Years In Jail

Willie Bee Turner, 21-year-old, a man who lived in Oakland, California, has been judged for committing arson and burning his own 8-week-old pup alive, to a jail term of 4 years and 4 months.

Angel Star, the puppy, on 20 January 2015, excreted in the Willie’s friend apartment. Irate, he chastised the pup for its "treason” by tantalizing it for nearly one hour the moment he was home. The pup was previously crippled, however Willie started to douse it with ovary cleanser.
He put the puppy into a pet carrier full of dog multiplicand, and in a courtyard just across the street from his own house burnt the whole box. The pup was restricted in the box, and was ultimately burnt to death.
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