A Loyal Dog Waited Months For His Owner To Return After He Was Dumped. Then This Happened...

Dogs are the most amazingly loyal creatures out there. We’ve all heard stories about the lengths dogs will go to in order to be with and to protect their loving owners. Well, this is a heartbreaking and inspiring story of one such dog.

In Thailand he was seen standing along the side of the road, as if waiting for his owners to come and pick him up. They never would arrive.

This little guy waited, though, every single day, and he was seen by other passerby. People tried to approach him, but he vehemently refused.

So people began leaving him food and set up umbrellas to use as shelter. This was a good move on their part because he never, ever left this spot.

In total, he stood waiting along the road for two whole months in a breathtaking display of loyalty that was sadly not received or returned by his owners.

Over time people became more and more concerned with this defenseless little dog who seemed to be wasting away by the side of the road, so someone contacted a local animal shelter.

When Soi Dog Rescue heard about this case, they immediately rushed out to save the dog from someday dying by the side of the road.

They managed to get him loaded into their car and took him to their shelter.

He seemed to be relieved when he realized that he would no longer have to stand and wait, day after day. And the cherry on top?

He was adopted almost right away!

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