A Little Girl’s Life Was Changed Forever By A Deaf Boxer

Because Karl couldn't hear, he was a laid-back kind of dog, which made him a hit with children. He was also big enough to make them feel safe, but floppy enough to make them feel relaxed. Karl also liked to wear a blue hat to to court every single day, which made him seem goofy. And that made the kids love him even more, especially one little girl that Karl assisted. But his hearing loss did cause one issue.

Because Karl was deaf, his training was a bit more difficult than other pups. A deaf dog requires special instructions. Since they can't hear their commands, eye contact is imperative, which can be a problem. Just imagine trying to train an excited puppy that can't hear you. Instead of just telling them to "heel" when they're going crazy, you have to captivate their full attention. But Karl surprised his trainers when he began to do something one day.


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