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A Hunter Used To Take Wealthy People On Hunting Trips, Got Haunted Himself

A South African notorious wildlife hunter called Scott Van Zyl, who had a company called SS Pro Safaris, was hunted in his last hunted trips in Zimbabwe.

Scott, who took videos and photos of his trips and cherished his hunting trophies, got separated from his pack of dogs, and another guide around the boarders the Limpopo River, that is a thriving den of crocodiles.

So, when Scott stayed unseen for hours, a rescue and search team was sent to the area. Finally, they found his backpack by the river bank after following his footprints! Unfortunately, Scott’s remains were found in a crocodile’s stomach, that was killed with another 2 by order of the authorities. Watch the video above to have more information.

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After Over A Year In Hospital These Conjoined Twins Are Finally Going Home Separately

The formerly conjoined twins Abby and Erin Delaney, who stayed about 16 months at the Philadelphia's Children Hospital, finally went home with their parents to North Carolina. 
Abby and Erin’s mother, Heather Delaney said that her daughters are inspiring. She also added that it’s very nice for her husband Riley Delaney and her to have a seat in the front-row to watch what their daughter’s future holds.

When the mother was just eleven weeks pregnant, she learned that there were conjoined twins in her belly.

The girls were joined at the head, which is extremely dangerous, as they’d die in the first few days after birth or even during pregnancy. Abby and Erin were born on 24th of July, 2016, by C-section joined at the head, before 8 weeks from the excepted time. The weight of each girl is only two pounds and one ounce.

The doctors said after examining the situation that Abby would have a much greater chance of death.
But, the doctors were really hopeful about the complex surgery.


The twins were ten months old in last June, when they underwent the complex surgery. With about 30 persons involved in the surgery, that was the 24th of its kind at the hospital. The complex surgery took about 11 hours.

The 2 girls were placed in an induced coma for few weeks to recover. They also suffered complications, including brain bleeds.

Finally, the twins have been able to adapt living separately, they can crawl, roll over, and sit up by their own.

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