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When Veteran Turned Around, He Saw His Retired Service Dog Running Toward Him

We all know that retired service dogs and their veterans form a great bond which is indescribable. But the problem was that reuniting these veterans with their dogs is not easy, so, Molli Oliver decides to help the dogs and the veterans to meet again to live with each other.

Molli wants to give the veterans the priority in adopting their former companions. The video below focuses on Princess Taylor, a yellow Labrador, who spent her service saving soldiers’ lives with the help of Sergeant Tom Hansen, her handler.Molli Oliver paid the expenses of a first-class flight to let Taylor meet her best friend. The video below is really heartwarming, watch it and tell us your opinion.

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Santa Ana, California- A woman saw a monster man kicking a small dog repeatedly while she was going through the trash in a locality there. So, she tried to stop him by yelling at him but he did not listen, so she directly contacted the authorities

But when the police arrived it was somehow too late as the Chihuahua had become severely battered. There was a bungee cord tightened around his throat and he was also tide in electrical wires. The worst thing was that Jose Manuel Pantoja, 28, the abuser, was also standing over the dog.

Fortunately, the police directly rushed the poor dog to the hospital and took the abuser into custody. The Chihuahua was examined at the hospital and he had a broken pelvis. When the police tried to know if the Chihuahua has an owner, the found that he is called Max and he is a 10-year-old. His owner also called Stephany Chavez who said that Max had been missing for a while.

Finally, the abuser was found to have a past record in criminal and the Chihuahua is now healing and he will be completely recovered soon. Watch the video above to have more information.

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