Top 7 Best Guard Dogs For Security

People are always looking to protect their properties and families by bringing a good guard dog, that can protect them. These are the best 7 dogs, that can take actions when it is needed.


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If you want the best guard dog, you have to choose the Bullmastiff, that has strong protective instincts and intimidating look. If you train your Bullmastiff properly, they can also get along well with the kids. This breed can easily distinguish between bad and good persons, as they are sociable. A fully-grown male bullmastiff weighs up to 60 kg, and heights up to approximately 70 cm, so having one of this breed is a perfect idea.


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It is known that Doberman is a great guard dog, who can stay with families. They are obedient, loyal, intelligent, alert, and energetic. You can say that they are family members, not just dogs. If the Doberman left alone, he will never become alert or energetic, so having him with your family is the perfect choice. They can be easily trained, as they learn quickly. The well-trained Doberman are so loyal. The Doberman show respect for their owners, and they are in the second place in the top ten best guard dogs, as they can immediately take actions.

3-Giant Schnauzer

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This breed is a bold, intelligent, powerful, and large. It is known that the Giant schnauzer had been used as military dogs in World War I and II. These dogs can easily be trained. The weight of a fully-grown male giant schnauzer reaches up to 48 kg, and his height ranges between 66-71 cm. This size is enough to terrify any stranger, who intends to make anything wrong. They can non-stop bark, and sometimes they take actions.

4-German Shepherd

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It is known that a German Shepherd, that is originated in Germany, is a natural guard dog. The main purpose of the German Shepherd was to herd sheep. They are, just like the Giant schnauzers, easily trained, and loyal. They are good in guarding, and the well-trained dog of this breed do not show any aggression against the guests.


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Regardless of being a difficult breed to raise, this dog breed can be a good guard dog, and a great companion. Akita is strong and loyal. Akita breed is very active and affectionate, it knows when to bark. They can also take actions if it is needed. Having a problem in welcoming the home guests is not a feature of the well-trained Akitas.


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This breed is an alert, fearless, obedient dog, who can be a good guard dog. But the problem is that they’d listen to you, only if they are well-trained. Rottweilers can take actions against any stranger, but you have to make sure that your Rottweiler is well-trained.


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This breed is originally raised as a livestock guard dog. Komondor is calm, loyal, independent, and gentle dog. Komondors are patient with kids, but on the other hand, they can take quick actions against the strangers. They should be trained properly, as they can also attack other animals in the streets.

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