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This Dog Spends More Than 700 Days In Shelter, Wishes That One Day He Will Get A Home

This story, that was shared by Fox Valley Humane Association, speaks about Jax, the longest-staying shelter resident who’s been stuck for more than 690 days at the shelter. The shelter even shared a photo of the 3-year-old Pit Bull mix online before Christmas asking for a home for him! But they received no response!


 Jax became even sad when he saw the other dogs at the shelter gets adopted in less than a month! That made him feel unwanted and unloved, and he stopped being a happy and playful puppy!


The prejudice against Jax’s breed is a serious reason why he is getting overlooked. He is a well-behaved and very calm boy despite everything happened. Actually, he needs to be in a home with other dogs or kids as he likes them. And he does not like small animals and dogs.


 If you are interested in adopting Jax, you can call 920-733-1717 (the Fox Valley Humane Association). Watch the video below to have more information.


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Understanding a dog’s needs

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Watch how a pet store made a dog’s condition worse when they didn’t know how to treat her. They even threw her on the pavement like a piece of trash and left her to die. She was just about to give up on her life when a kindhearted Samaritan came and rescued her just in time.

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