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They Drive Senior Dog To An Isolated Area, Shoot Him Twice To Death, Authorities Are Investigating

A disturbing case of animal brutality are being investigated by some detectives of the L.A. County Sheriff’s Department as it was recorded on surveillance cameras. The surveillance video shows a senior dog, that was driven into an isolated area in La Mirada by two persons who shot him point blank twice.

Unfortunately, the culprits were able to flee in their car, white-2000s Jeep Grand Cherokee. And the poor dog had painfully bled to death.It's really heartbroken for the senior dogs as they are always dumped when they become sick or injured. 

And this case is one of many cases that many owners have no mercy to dumped their dogs, according to detective Mark Christiansen. On the other hand, activists argue dogs’ owners to surrender their senior dogs to shelters instead of dumping them as in shelters they can find help they need.

$5,000 are being offered by PETA for any information that leads to the responsible persons. Watch the video below to have more information. 

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Helpless Pup Was Shot Over Eighteen Times With A BB Gun.

Getting shot is really dangerous something, it can make you lose your life. It is actually rare to happen, but if you encounter this, you will surely not get shots more than this 6-week-old pup, he was shot 18 times with a BB gun.

The poor puppy was brought into the emergency services. The workers said that he saw a group of teenagers, when he was going to his work, and he found the puppy bleeding when he returned. So, he directly called the authorities, who took the pup.

The puppy was named Brody, and the staff discovered that he there were 18 bullets inside him. Fortunately, none of them had broken any bones or hit vital areas, which meant that there were great chances for the puppy to be recovered. They decided to remove the bullets without a surgery. And when he becomes old enough to handle anesthesia, and will be put for adoption

Finally, the police are still investigating to know the abuser, while the pup is being kept under surveillance.

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1-The Hacienda

This house is the most expensive dog house all over the world, it is called the Hacienda, but why is this house so expensive?! This dog house has AC, lights, and running water! This house was ordered by one celebrity for his own pet! This house costs $30,000, which is the same price of a down payment on a real home! Can you imagine this?! The photo says it all!

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