Stranger Pries Open Locked Suitcase On Street-Left Horrified By His Findings.

When any animal was surrendered to a shelter, you can know that it has a big shock. But, what this guy told the shelter what happened with him, they were all shocked.


This passerby had recently been out when he saw a hard-shelled suitcase. It was really unusual as what it should be, he continued walking as normal, but then he heard a noise from the suitcase, so he decided to see what was that.

So, he carefully opened the suitcase, and he was completely shocking when he saw a little dog inside. He found the dog covered in its own waste, but fortunately, seemed to be in good health.

The kind guy could not leave this poor dog alone, and decided that the better thing to do first is take him home, and provide some water and food. Then he took the dog to the shelter and described what his story.


The 6-year-old dog, Donut, is doing so well and he is so happy, active, and friendly.
Finally, he will be put up to for adoption, and we all hope that he will soon find a new forever home.

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