Starving Dog Who Survived By Eating Twigs And Rocks Gets His Happily Ever After

A starving dog who had been eating rocks and twigs, before a few months ago, has found a really happy ending. Alex, the dog was caught and taken to Vermillion Parish’s Rabies Animal Control and his weight was just 43 pounds. He was so roughly wasted. And when the assistant director of the Southern Animal Foundation, Deanna Theis, saw a picture of him, she was totally stunned that he was still alive.


He had to have an instant surgery, to take the strange objects out of his stomach, and to help him passing his really dangerous condition.

Alex, the Weimaraner, was taken to foster care with Diane Lundeen, after being recovered. Lundeen already has 2 other Weimaraners at house, and she directly fell in love with Alex when she saw him.

He gained more than 10 pounds in the first week with Lundeen. Lundeen said that the happiness is obvious in his eyes. His all pictures now showing him smilling. Lundeen said that Alex is now 80 pounds after just 4 months, and he is really awesome.

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