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Photographer Is Able To Take A Photo Of Some Giant Rocks That Look Like Dogs Looking Over The Valley

Laying on your back looking out over the valley is something many people like to do, but actually there are also animals that like doing this, and this story proves that. A huge sleeping dog was seen in the hills of the Taoyuan Valley, Taiwan, looking out over the valley below!



Chenguang Xiang, the man who saw the dog, took a picture of the dog and posted it on Facebook to let people find the dog! If you can concentrate, you will see 2 dogs facing each other. How hilarious! Watch the video below.





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Australian Teens Drive Their Cars To Rescue Koalas from the Fires

We all know that there are many natural disasters that happen in this world from time to time including earthquakes, volcanoes, and bonfires, which are one of the worst natural disasters. The last bonfires that have started in December in Australia and are still raging have taken more than 400 million animals' lives and unfortunately the number is still growing without any sight to stop nearly.



Many species may have already extinct as the fires are so bad. The Koalas are among some species that are about to extinct terrifyingly quickly. But these two heroes, Celeb, 18, and Micah, 19, have emerged in the middle of the inferno in Australia to rescue Koalas around the country.


They are driving around to take the surviving Koalas with them, but unfortunately more than 50% of the Koalas they come across are dead because of the fire. The 2 cousins shared the video online saying that they tried to collect as many live Koalas as they can in their car.


Actually, saving animals including Koalas is worth as they are in danger as the fires will leave them with no food and a lot of injures. Thankfully, many celebrities are donating to the cause such as Matthew Ryan, Brighton’s goal keeper, and Chris Hemsworth who already donated $1 Million. Watch the video below to have more information.


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