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Man Beats Horse To Death When She Collapsed After Being Stolen

Treveon MarquésHillsman, a 21-year-old man, is being looked for by police officers in Texas for beating Tony Henny’s horse to death after stealing it. Treveon escaped after assaulting the animal like a savage, and left her to die because of her injuries.


 Actually, the nice unique horse is belonged to Tony Henny’s 10-year-old granddaughter, who is still very sad because of that shocking incident. Treveonrode the horse until she was exhausted before killing her! Sadly, the poor creature started crying and screaming while she was being beaten by Treveon, who yelled obscenities whilekicking and punching the horse in the head till she was dead!


Thankfully, Treveon was found hiding out in a residence and arrested by the police officers. He has been booked withevading arrest, burglary of a building, cruelty to livestock, and theft of livestock. He will get what he deserves when they are able to have the full evidences of the case. Watch the video above to have more information.


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Brave Dog Could Save All Sheep Farm From Australia’s Fires

We all know that Border Collies are among the most intelligent dogs in the world, they are also incredible. This story speaks about a Border Collie called Patsy who did a great job in Australia.



The herding dog is one of the heroes during the bonfires in Australia that have already taken more than 500 million animals' lives and killed more than 18 humans.


The story began when the fires were nearing down the farm Patsy was in, in Corryong, in the last day of 2019. Unfortunately, these fires are the worst in Australia, at least in the recent history, it is worse than Amazons' fires. The fires might have already ended entire species lives causing them to be extinct.


Patsy was able to bring the sheep to the safest paddock in the farm after rounding them up the immediately when she saw that the fires were so close to the farm.She also hid in a safe spot while her owners started fighting the fires using a tank of water and the fire tractors. Thanks to the quick actions of Patsy that helped to save all the sheep, the shearing shed, hay bales, and both farmhouses. 


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