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Mailman Is Heartbroken As One Of The Dogs On His Route Died And Left Him A “Nice Note”

@amorningsting, a Twitter user, shared a heartfelt sad experience that a mailman called Fernando, her dad has recently experienced. It is known that dogs love barking and chasing after mailman as they are often cute towards them. 

But for Fernando every dog on his road is waiting for his arrival as he always has a bag of milk bones to give the dogs on his road. Her dad texted her on Monday and told her that a huge German shepherd called Gretchen died yesterday and she was a teddy bear.

So, she took a screenshot of the text and posted it on Twitter which has gotten more than 870k likes and 200k retweets till now. Gretchen's owners, who adopted her from a shelter, saw the tweet and replied that they were told that Gretchen's letter was shared on Twitter and she added that Gretchen loved seeing Fernando in front of her door when he is on his road.

This story should support people to adopt older shelter dogs as they can be a one result in a life time. Watch the video below to have more information. 

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