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He Spent Years Of His Life With Broken Leg Till Kind Human Shows Up

Volunteers from a rescue organization called Sidewalk Specials in South Africa found a dog lying on the streets of Bishop Lavis, Cape Town. Bean was in bad shape, as he had many deep bite wounds, besides ear and mange infections. He and also a broken and untreated leg for more than a year.



The poor dog was totally surrendered as he was lying on the street and waiting bitterly for any kind person to help him but no avail. Fortunately, he was saved by sympathetic volunteers who fed him and lifted him up with a blanket and he was rushed to their clinic, where he received medication and a good bath to clean his years of filth.


It’s obvious that the 2-year-old Staffy mix had experienced very hard past that was full of hate, although it's still unknown. Happily, Bean is friendly with other dogs and people. Everyone who knows any information about his owner is asked to contact @sidewalkspecials.org. We hope that he will find the forever home and family that he deserves. Watch the video below to have more information.


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