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Fox Cubs Take Over Grandma's Porch And Make It Their Own Playground

Have you ever seen a fox cub?! Actually, many people think that these animals are beasts and can harm them but actually you can know many of them are cute such as these fox cubs in this story.



Vechrotex, Reddit user, took a picture of a fox cub at his grandma's house door in Illinois. People usually see foxes in that area as there is a wooded area near it. Actually, the fox cub came back the next morning but with a sibling to play in Vechrotex's grandma's porch, they think it is their own playground!



To make it funnier, the foxes now come every day to play on the patio, and they also have an eye on them by their mother who lurks around the bushes. Vechrotex and his grandma always wait for the foxes to take pictures and videos just like Disney World. Watch the video below to have more information.



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Scottish Mom Gives Birth To Twins, But When They Tell Her How Big They Are She Almost Faints.

Everyone loves having something new. Actually, babies are among these new things, and they surely bring smile to their families.



 Babies are so cute and innocent. It is something special to see them growing before your eyes. When a family get twins the love, fun and even trouble will be doubled.

 Paul and Alana Merrie, the couple, already have twins in their families, so that increases their chances to get twins.


Alana from Edinburgh, Scotland, said that her mum had twins in her family, and 2 brothers of her dad are also twins.


The exciting news then came, Alana was carrying twins. The twins were boys!

While her and her husband were waiting for their new additions, Alana’s belly grew and grew. It became so huge!
She just didn’t realize how well.

 Alana is already a doctor, so she knows the natural sizes of twins. She realized that her twins would be a little larger.

 She said that she did not buy anything for them, as their sizes were unexpected.



The boys finally arrived, and they weighed in at 8lb 1oz and 8lb 12oz. Their sizes were about 7-month-old- and 6-month-old.

Thankfully, they both are healthy. Paul said that their package was complete as they already have another daughter.

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