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Dog Who Trained To Play Jenga, Become So Skilled And Unbeatable

Secret, an intelligent Australian Shepherd, has become a master in a game called Jenga. In addition to that, she can perfectly dance, paint, draw, do yoga, go sledding on her own.



It is known that Australian Shepherdshave highly active minds and are very energetic. The dog’s owner, Mary, 17, understands the inquisitive and adventurousspirit of her dog, and always does her best to keep her happy.



In the video below, you can see that Mary playing Jenga, a game of balance and focus, with Secret, and it is obvious that she is good in the game! Mary decided to not crash her dog’s talent. You can see in the video that she is completely aware of the rules of the game. How genius! Watch the video above to have more information.




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