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Dog Who Lost Everything In Australian Fires Could Find His Favorite Toy

It is known that the Australian bushfires took many lives and properties in many areas there. One family was forced to evacuate their home as the fires were so close to it, but when the fires were off of their area, they went to assess the damage as they thought that they lost everything! Actually, they almost lost everything, but just one thing which was their Golden Retriever’s toy!

Zagami family’s dog found his stuffed toy and their reunion was great! It looks like that the dog met his best friend again! Actually, there was another thing that survived, which was Katie Zagami’s wedding dress! What a great surprise! Actually, this story reminds us that little creatures or things can survive from disasters, but the best thing is to take them with you if you can. Watch the video below to have more information.

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Helpless Baby Wombat Found Covered With Mud, After Washing Up It Reveals Its Cuteness

Wombats are marsupials native to Australia. They can weigh anywhere from 32 to 80 pounds, according to National Geographic. They are nocturnal animals that eat roots, bark, and grasses. Their incisors never stop growing! Wombats will dig burrows with their strong paws and rodent-like front teeth.

An adaptation of the wombat is a backward facing pouch, according to Wikipedia.com. The main benefit of the backward pouch is that it doesn’t get full of dirt and soil and cover the babies when the mother digs burrows. In the Australian outback, a mother wombat was accidentally wounded by a horse.

The wombat tried to get to her burrow but got stuck in some mud before she reached it. After getting the call rescuers at Wildlife Rescue South Coast rushed to the scene to help. Rescuers found the female wombat who had been so severely wounded that she had already perished...

But, they found a 3-pound baby wombat in her pouch who was still alive (terrified, but still alive)! They took the baby to the rescue to get her cleaned up – they named her Mudsey. Even though Mudsey had lost her mother, she quickly made new friends at the rescue

With the help of the people and other animals at the rescue, Mudsey moved past the loss and trauma of her experience and became quite playful and happy.
Here is Mudsey 18 months after being rescued.
Mudsey has fully recovered but remains on the property along with several other rescued wombats. Mudsey is now living – wild and free! 

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