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Dog Found With His Mouth Sealed With Rubber Bands, Barely Alive

This story speaks about Wyatt a small black-and-white dog whose muzzle had been shut with rubber-bands by his owner for many weeks. Police officers at the Carbondale Police Department are now investigating to know the responsible person who did this for Wyatt.



Wyatt's owner surrendered him when he was about to die at the Jackson County Humane Shelter after many weeks of starvation and dehydration. The poor puppy was transferred to St. Francis Community Animal Rescue in Murphysboro to receive the treatment there as he had a distinct decaying smell around him.




At the vet, they noticed that the circulation of Wyatt was completely cut, so they directly rushed him into surgery to remove the bands. Thankfully, they were able to remove them in about 2.5 hours and he is now receiving antibiotics and fluids. He still needs some time to recover and he will also need a surgery later for a snout reconstruction.




We hope that the police officers are able to know exactly what happened to the dog and let the owner faces the consequences of his actions. 

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