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Biscuit Was Chained For His Entire Life, Then They Show Him An Empty Field

Biscuit is a sweet Husky who spent the first 2 years of his life tied up to a chain.He and 8 other dogs were kept on lashes in a kennel without any roof. There was no place for them to go if it snowed or rained, and they also could not move. Many of the paws of the dogs were frostbitten because of the bad weather.



One day, Amy Hines, the founder of Dogs Deserve Better, came across by where these dogs lived, in Kentucky. She was totally shocked by what she saw, and she knew that she could not leave these poor dogs there. She spoke to the owner of the dogs and was able to take the poor dogs to Dogs Deserve Better.



Hines brought the dogs to the Dogs Deserve Better’s shelter after 2 months. The dogs slept in a warm bed and with a roof over their heads for the first time in their life. When they were settled into the new house, Hines took Biscuit, the Siberian Husky, and the other dogs to run for the first time in a nearby field.


Biscuit happily ran on the grass, he is really intelligent and sweet, he was also recorded in a video when in his first run. After a few months, Dogs Deserve Better found a forever home for him, where he will never be worried about chained up in a bad weather. Watch the video below to see how adorable he is.

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Everyone loved to play with him as it was amusing. But after some time his behavior became suspicious and mysterious. Every night when everybody in the house slept he sat still out the master bedroom of the parents.

Day by day he repeatedly done this. And then one day the family took him to the vet as they have no explanation of what he is doing or why he is doing so. The vet examined him and he was perfectly alright then they took him to the shelter from where they brought him.

They asked about his former owner and then got to know that one night when was sleeping his former owner took him and drop him at the shelter. And when he woke up he was heartbroken, from that day till then he sat like this. The family took more care of him as they kept him beside them in the night which made him comfortable to sleep.

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