7-Week-Old Puppy Entered A Shelter Seeking For Love

This story speaks about Pippa, a small 7-week-old pup who was at the door step of the Atlanta Humane Society with her brother, dad, and mom. They were all in bad shape, but Pippa was in the worst shape of all.


Unfortunately, she had wounds and sores and all her fur fell out because of severe mange. Amanda Harris, a kind woman saw an image of Pippa on social media and directly went to the Humane Society to take Pippa into her care in order to take care of her. Pippa, whose size is very tiny, had a strong fighting spirit as she can bond with Harris in a very quickly way.
Thankfully, Pippa's skin started to be better in just few days. Furthermore, she was completely healed within a few weeks. Nice videos of Pippa were uploaded online by Amanda Harris which helped her to be adoption. Finally, Pippa was adopted by The Dickson family who already has dogs. Pippa directly bonded with one of their dogs and they are now inseparable. Watch the video above to have more information.
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